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Homebound? You are Eligible for Covid-19 Home Vaccine

The Challenges of Homebound Vaccination

According to the CDC vaccinating homebound patients poses a unique challenge. The vaccine needs to be stored at a particular temperature. The temperature-controlled storage is available at large vaccination sites but is trickier for homebound patients. The CDC also notes in its guidelines for vaccinating homebound patients that such patients are often at higher risk for anaphylaxis or other reactions to the vaccine. While this is certainly not a reason to deny homebound patients their vaccine, it is a reason to have a reliable and trusted medical professional company administer the vaccines for homebound patients.

The Solution for Homebound Vaccinations

The solution to ensuring that homebound patients and people receive their Covid-19 vaccinations properly is a relied upon service with trained and trusted medical personnel. MaxVax has joined forces with LA Public Health to ensure that homebound people get their Covid-19 shot under the proper supervision. Trained technicians and registered nurses are on-hand to handle the entire experience, including discussing the vaccine with patients before and monitoring patients for adverse side effects from the vaccine after.

Monitored and Organized Covid-19 Vaccination

The CDC notes that it is essential to ensure that vaccine doses are not unnecessarily going to waste. This is a possibility when homebound patients are vaccinated haphazardly. The CDC is also adamant that proper records and notation of Covid-19 vaccines be kept even for homebound patients. MaxVax has both of these bases covered and by using a highly methodical and organized sign-up system, they ensure that the correct amount of dosage is brought to fill the homebound need. The same applies with the proper recording of the vaccines, as a partner of LA Public Health, MaxVax is fully committed and particular about their record keeping of the process. There are multiple particular details with regards to the vaccine. For example, according to the CDC, any person that has had any allergic to any vaccine needs to be monitored for 30 minutes as opposed to the standard 15 minutes. MaxVax professionals are aware of all CDC guidelines and best practices and are perfectly placed to be the homebound Covid-19 vaccine service of choice for Angelenos.