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Home Visit Covid-19 Vaccinations

The Covid-19 vaccination program has been quite effective in the USA. With three different vaccines gaining emergency approval from the FDA, people have been lining up to get their Pfizer, Moderna or Johnson and Johnson vaccine. Homebound people may however feel left out in the surge of more mobile people who have received the vaccination. Homebound people are often the most vulnerable and in need of a home visit for their Covid-19 vaccinations but with suppliers looking to fill demand at large centers, such people are often left in the lurch. Luckily for homebound people, care facilitators like MaxVax have stepped in to fill the need of getting home visit Covid-19 vaccinations for homebound people.

Vaccines for the Homebound

There are many homebound people in California that are desperate for access to the Covid-19 vaccination. There are people with mental and physical disabilities and health issues that prevent them from being able to get out to a facility in order to receive the Covid-19 vaccinations, while some people were able to gain access to the vaccine by living in assisted living facilities, people that are homebound and not in that category have not been able to easily access the vaccine.

The Covid-19 vaccination has been such a huge part of giving sense of normalcy to millions of people but often homebound people who need it most are not getting the Covid-19 vaccinations that they so desperately need.

Often times, people that are homebound find it difficult to understand changing avenues and ways of getting the vaccine, while others are told to access the vaccine through web-based sign-ups that are not easy to follow. Even health providers and caregivers are struggling to give accurate information in procuring the Covid-19 vaccine for those under their care. Getting access to the vaccine for homebound patients is of paramount importance and yet still this population sector that has not had ease of access to the Covid-19 vaccine.

MaxVax simplifies Covid-19 vaccinations

State and County run websites for Covid-19 vaccinations can be difficult to navigate. Getting a regular appointment for someone with moderate technological skills can be a daunting challenge. Attempting to get a home visit with no technological savviness can prove impossible. MaxVax has removed the hurdles which stand in the way of homebound patients receiving a Covid-19 vaccine. These include both availability and sign-up process hurdles. Through an easy sign-up process with clear prompts and guided service, MaxVax is clearing the path so that homebound people could also get their Covid-19 shot.