MaxVax prides itself with the fastest COVID-19 vaccination services in Los Angeles County. Our goal is to vaccinate patients within five minutes upon arrival. To learn more, don’t hesitate to contact us regarding our current events and other inquiries.

Questions and Answers

Use the appointment number provided in your text or email confirmation and click here to reschedule or cancel your appointment(s).
Yes, you can call the CA COVID-19 Hotline at 1-833-422-4255 (available in multiple languages) or check with your health provider or local pharmacy about scheduling an appointment.
We offer Both Moderna and Pfizer, check our locations for what is available. www.maxvax.com/booknow
Some people experience a sore arm, aches, fatigue, or fever for a few days after their vaccination. Others do not. Symptoms do not change the vaccine’s safety or effectiveness
No! COVID-19 vaccines, including their administration, are free. Your insurance may be charged to cover the cost of administering the vaccine, but that cost will not be passed on to you. No insurance no problem, we vaccinate everyone.
Yes! Several manufacturers are producing FDA-approved COVID-19 vaccines, and they all provide excellent protection from severe illness.
After your vaccine you will be monitored on-site for at least 15 minutes. You’ll receive a vaccination card with the date you received your vaccine and the date of your 2nd appointment (if one is needed).

Life Saving Colaboration


Why Choose MaxVax


We work with Insurance companies, County and Government agencies, We accept both Insured and uninsured patients.

Online Registration

Early registration and advanced appointments bookings make our sites able to vaccinate patients faster than any other clinic.

Multiple Locations

We are located throughout Los Angeles County. We provide Healthcare services ta patents home or at our clinic locations.

Extender Hours

Open throughout the weekend, we provide vaccines to our clients when they want it most. Check our locations for open hours.



Used this service, saved me a lot of headache, staff were friendly, directions were clear and best of all I was in and out with little time gone to waste waiting in a line. I would recommend this place to my friends and I look forward to the same experience when I get my second shot with them.
I have seen many poor vaccination sites and a few good ones. As a nurse the MaxVax experience is really the cream of the crop. Customers feel safe and feel that they can trust the process, this always makes the job of a nurse much easier and working at MaxVax has really been an experience of regaining trust in the system for myself in the healthcare profession and for customers that come in for their vaccines at MaxVax.
Had a horrible experience at my first appointment,, I found out that I can get my second shot at this place and I did so. Was like night and day, had such a good experience doing it and would recommend them to anyone for their first or their second shot.


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